The Comp Team is for riders grades 7th-12th who have gained competition experience at the prep level and are ready to challenge themselves further. Riders new to the Comp Team can expect to participate in local events and two regional away weekends during the season. As riders progress through the Comp Team events like USASA Nationals, USSA Revolution Tours and Grand Prix events will become available as they qualify. Off season camp training opportunities are available. On snow season runs December through April, Wednesday through Sunday. This is a dynamic training group the staff has the ability to bring consistent coaching and ideas to riders over the course of their time with the team. In addition it allows young riders to have a larger connection to the different levels of opportunity in snowboarding as a whole, while allowing the second and third year Comp Teamers to become leaders of the group.

Athletes will have on-snow training Wednesday through Friday after school to 4:00 pm; and on Saturdays and Sundays, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. Additional sessions will be scheduled for school holidays. Training season: This is a year around program.Training will cover all aspects of riding, including, but not limited to, freestyle, halfpipe, freeriding, alpine and boardercross. Riders will compete in local and regional events in the Intermountain region. Riders will have the opportunity to qualify for bigger events like USASA National, USSA Revolution Tour and USSA Grand Prix events.

  • USSA Regional Competitor License required.
  • USASA Full Competition License required.
  • USSA National and FIS license may be required as riders progress.

Average athlete to coach ratio is 7:1.