Snow Sports

Sun Valley Ski Academy athletes quickly become part of the rich history of Sun Valley, Idaho. As the nation’s first destination ski resort, Sun Valley has set the standard for recreating on the slopes since 1936. When the country’s first chair lift began to transport eager skiers up Proctor Mountain, it became obvious that this little town in Idaho was the premiere place to play in the snow. Many other firsts followed. Sun Valley is the birthplace of freestyle skiing, with early pioneers like locals Bobbie Burns, Penelope Street and Joey Cordeau (who is still a freestyle coach for the team) making the most of Bald Mountain’s natural terrain park.
Sun Valley Resort also boasts the best snowmaking system (with 577 automated guns on Baldy alone) and some of the best grooming in North American, ensuring epic season after epic season. Bald Mountain offers some of the most consistent vertical  and consistent conditions of any ski hill in the country.

Over on Dollar Mountain, however, the gentle beginner slopes transformed in recent years into a real world-class terrain park with custom-built features skiers and snowboarders love. Last year, Sun Valley built one of only two 22-foot, Olympic-size, Superpipes in the northwest on Dollar, adjacent to the Community School’s main campus. Utilizing the terrain park to the fullest, the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Snowboard Team was named Club of the Year last season and Community School alumnus Chase Josey (’13) was recently named to the U.S. Snowboard Team.

On skinny skis, the Sun Valley area also cannot be beat. Designated as an Olympic and Paralympic Nordic Training Site, the region is famous for it’s miles and miles and miles of beautifully groomed, challenging trails that lead over the river and through the woods. We truly are Nordic Town USA, where cross country is a way of life. Nowhere is this more evident than in the wildly popular Boulder Mountain Tour held each February north of Ketchum.

Community School embraces our snowy roots each year with one of our most cherished traditions — Powder Day. For one day each winter, every student “skips” school and hits the mountain with friends and teachers. The highly-anticipated event is only announced the night before, keeping students on pins and needles during the cold weather months. The main campus and the Residence Hall are within minutes of all ski, snowboard and cross country facilities, making it incredibly convenient for student athletes in the SVSA to find ample time to train. Faculty members greatly value our snow sports athletes and support students both on and off the slopes and trails.

If you love to play in the snow, whether what drives you is speed, mastering that latest trick, or cross country skiing up that hill faster than your competitor, there is no better place to live and to train than Sun Valley and no better program than the SVSA.

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