Outdoor Program

Imagine backpacking the remote beaches of the Washington Coast, backcountry skiing deep powder in the Sawtooth Mountains, or whitewater rafting down the magical River of No Return. You are surrounded by your classmates and teachers and have been given responsibilities that might include route finding, helping to prepare meals, or taking care of group gear. Opportunities to lead abound and everyone’s voice counts in this ultimate experiential, hands-on learning classroom: the outdoors. Community School’s standard-setting Outdoor Program ensures that three times a year, Upper School students get out into the wilderness to acquire self-confidence, self-awareness, team-building skills, leadership skills, and self-reliance that translate to success in the traditional classroom, in college, and in life.

Our Outdoor Program is one of our oldest and most cherished traditions and is one of the most comprehensive in the country. Challenging and inspiring experiences build and nurture the relationships that are the cornerstone of a Community School education. Even if you have never ventured off the beaten path before, we can practically guarantee that the school’s Outdoor Program will change your life and create memories, and skills, to last a lifetime.

Community School’s Outdoor Program stresses preparation and organization, personal responsibility, resilience and perseverance, a positive outlook, and personal ethics. Graduates move on to their next adventure in life having developed a lifelong relationship with wilderness environments and a deep appreciation for nature. Trips help students develop confidence and provide experiences that contribute to meaningful personal growth.

And not least, Outdoor Program trips are oh-so-much fun.