International Students

International students from all over the world have joined us and made Sun Valley their home. Several student athletes have been admitted for a single academic year abroad, while some have stayed for all four years of high school. Our international students have particularly enjoyed our Outdoor Program and the experience of living in our friendly Idaho community that is incredibly supportive of them, and interested in learning more about their cultures.

When considering applicants, we take into consideration student athletes who will add to the school and community through their positive attitudes, hard work, and a desire to immerse themselves in our school and residential communities. We look at three criteria when accepting our students. Our first consideration is academics, with grades and scores being considered along with a student’s work ethic, determination, and curiosity in the classroom. Community School loves having the opportunity to celebrate the lives and cultures of our international students. We seek to admit international student-athletes who take their academics seriously and make the most of the excellent athletic and academic programming that we have to offer.

Our international students have enriched our program immensely, and have made an wonderful addition to our school and community. If you think the Sun Valley Ski Academy sounds like a good fit, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions.