An Educational Glimpse

We pride ourselves on our outstanding academic programming, and innovative teaching methods offered by a flexible teaching staff. Here is one example of a teacher going above and beyond for our students.

Phil Huss, Community School English teacher offers a winter term junior/senior English elective Ernest Hemingway course in a blended learning format for Sun Valley Ski Academy students at Community School. Blended learning allows students to learn from both teacher-student tutorials and significant online materials. In this junior and senior elective, Phil’s class studies the most famous texts of our local, literary icon Ernest Hemingway, including his innovative first collection of short stories, In Our Time (1925), a liberal sampling of his other famous short stories, and his major novels: The Sun Also Rises (1926), A Farewell to Arms (1929), For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940), and The Old Man and the Sea (1954).

The class also studies how Hemingway’s prose contributed to the principles of Modernism by reading both modern poetry and essays about Modernism. As we make our way through the stories, novels, and Hemingway criticism, students should be able to articulate the Hemingway code that he developed through his characters.Students should leave this course with the knowledge of the Hemingway Hero and the Heroic Code as expressed by the most famous modern American novelist and our local literary hero.

In addition to the 12 video tutorials and supporting online materials, Phil created two online discussions per novel, and reading questions for each text. He comments on all of the reading questions, video note-taking prompts, and online discussions. When the student-athletes are on campus, Phil hosts one-on-one tutorials on the texts and helps them individually write the papers. In this way, the blended learning format is a more intimate and individualized way to learn than a standard seminar course of 15 students. SVSA students who take the Hemingway Blended Learning course are able to advance through readings, writing prompts, and online discussions while away from school.

We are very excited about Phil’s innovative teaching methodology and believe Community School could be a leader in this area of curriculum development.