Comp Travel team-12-18 year old (4-7 years of experience)

The purpose of the S.V. Freestyle Competitive Team is to contribute to the individual development of adolescents through intense, high energy, year-round ski training.  Our focus is on keeping skiing fun while “doing the work” to help athletes become the best they are capable of becoming.  The Comp team trains June-April with weekly workouts and summer camps ski and water ramp camps.

SVSEF’s goal is to help our athletes develop strong team relationships.  Realization of the power of committing to, supporting, and being part of a team. We stress the power of respect for one’s self and others. Our goal is to increase confidence towards skiing all types of terrain and snow conditions. Goals of the coaching staff also include:

  • Increasing our athlete’s confidence to jump. Train the body and mind to overcome fear through trampoline, water ramp and on snow aerial training. This training takes place during the summer and fall, hopefully preparing our athletes so they are comfortable in the air and prepared upon the beginning of the ski season.
  • Provide a training and competition format that allows athlete to set, strategize, assess and achieve goals.
  • Provide a training and competitive pipeline for athletes to whose goals are to become professional freestyle skiers.

Training Format-Comp travel team

  • SVSEF’s Freestyle Comp team trains 6 days per week (Tue-Sun). We average 102 days on snow plus 22 days of fall dryland training.
  • We normally offer 3 one-week summer training camps and 1 fall ski camp.
  • 5 water ramp camps are potentially available.
  • Summer dryland training consists of trampoline workouts, strength/endurance workouts, and cross training workouts.